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Sportflo performance airfilters | Air filters with enhanced design

Breathe some life into your engine with a Sportflo air filter
Air filters are much of a muchness when it comes to filtering air without impeding the volume of air flowed - at least that's largely the case when they're new.
But when they've been in place for months and have become clogged with dust and other debris, the performance of some deteriorate markedly, reducing performance and increasing fuel consumption.
A new name in filtration addresses this phenomenon, and Sportflo reticulated foam air filters are designed to meet the three criteria of efficiency, capacity, and resistance.
This means that they are not only able to retain their air purifying properties whatever the environmental conditions, but they maintain this ability even after many thousands of kilometers.
In addition, they are fully serviceable, and a Sportflo Performance Air filter could well be the last one you buy for your car, bakkie or SUV.
Reticulated foam (by definition foam which is a linked network or matrix of small squares or shapes) is an ideal material for filtration.
When treated with a suitable lubricant it has the surface area to capture small particles of dirt without slowing the flow of air significantly.
However, the designers of Sportsflo filters have gone one better. A Sportflo element differs from rivals in that it has two distinct layers of foam; one of a more open variety acting as pre-filter to trap larger particles, while the finer foam arrests dust particles larger than 8 microns.
This acts as a "safety net", as research has shown that dirt measuring less than 10 microns has no significant effect on engine wear.
Sportflo filters have been designed in conjunction with SAC Engineering, a Vanderbijlpark-based company with a reputation for thorough research and development in various automotive fields including cylinder head modifications and gas flowing.
This expertise has been critical in giving these elements the right combination of characteristics for the local market.
Sportflo has also concentrated on manufacturing a range of filter elements to replace the original equipment item for late model cars, without changing the standard airbox, and with a high quality flexible rubber frame acting as a dependable seal between the element and its housing.
In addition, the foam is supported by a full-size plated metal grid on the engine side, to ensure the shape and therefore integrity of the element is maintained year in and year out.
As a result, every Sportflo filter comes with a unlimited mileage warranty. Sportflo filter elements are sold pre-oiled with a high quality polymer fluid which plays an important role in capturing dirt.
A kit comprising replacement lubricant and a special detergent and can be purchased, as can sealing grease - which is recommended for very heavy duty applications. In normal conditions, cleaning and re-lubing of the filter element is recommended every 15 000 kilometers.
The air that goes into your engine is the prime source of impurities that cause wear. As well as minimising that wear by improving the quality of the air, a Sportflo element allows you to take full control of the servicing process, and, for example, you can choose to clean it after every dusty off-road excursion in your 4x4.
In addition, the fact that it is the only filter you'll need in the life of the vehicle translates into a significant cost saving.
Sportflo air filter elements are priced from R450-00 and are available from SAC (Steve's Auto Clinic) branches nationwide, and a number of distribution agents. Sportflo is also keen to appoint suitable distributors in key centres.
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· Improved fuel consumption
· Smoother acceleration
· Reusable & washable
· Unlimited mileage warranty
· Works with original equipment
· Directly replaces the original filter
· More airflow when dirty
· Superior quality materials
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