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Maintaining your Sportflo Air Filter made easy

To ensure maximum performance from your Sportflo airfilter it is recommended that you clean it and oil it every 15000 km. It would be advisable to service the filter more often if the vehicle is used in very dusty conditions.
The Sportflo filter does not work properly if not oiled regularly. The filter lubricant plays an important role in the “dirt grabbing” function of the air filter. Sportflo Air filters are pre-oiled and ready for use.
Cleaning Instructions
· Remove the airfilter from the airbox.
· Submerge the entire filter element in a solution of cold water and Sportflo foam filter cleaning solvent
· Allow soaking for about 5 minutes.
· Gently massage the solvent into the filter.
· Rinse the filter under a slow running cold-water tap from the plated metal side.
· Make sure that the filter is free from all dirt or dust, if not repeat the wash procedure.
· Allow the filter to dry naturally in a cool dark place. Placing the filter on a clean dry cloth will speed up the process
· Re-oil the filter lightly with a Sportflo filter oil.
· Refit the filter following the fitting instructions.
· Use only recommended Sportflo cleaning solution and oil.
· Don't leave the filter to dry in direct sunlight.
· Never blow the airfilter out with compressed air.
· Do not use any form of heated dryer to dry the filter.
· Washing the filter in petrol, diesel or paraffin will destroy the foam and rubber seal.
Fitting Instructions
· Open airbox and remove existing filter.
· Check all sealing surfaces for damage.
· Remove all excess dirt or dust from the airbox.
· Fit in the Sportflo filter with plate metal to the engine side.
· Make sure that the filter seals properly and that the airfilter box has not been modified to the extend that the engine would suck in unfiltered air.
· It is recommended that you use Sportflo sealing grease if the vehicle is used in very dusty conditions.
· Close the airbox according to the factory specifications.
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· Improved fuel consumption
· Smoother acceleration
· Reusable & washable
· Unlimited mileage warranty
· Works with original equipment
· Directly replaces the original filter
· More airflow when dirty
· Superior quality materials
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