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Custom Valves - The performance Valve for car, 4x4, SUV, Quad or Bike

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Custom Valves for your
Motor Car, 4x4, SUV, Quad or Bike

Custom Street Performance Valves

Our Custom Range allows us to manufacture a valve for almost any application. If it's a four stroke engine no matter what type, car, 4x4, SUV, quad, bike, tractor, vintage even a truck, we can supply valves. We have a wide range of blank forms, all made with different materials and in different sizes.
In our Custom Range we also modify standard and or replacement valves. The valve can be lightened, undercut and or swirl polished for Street Performance use. We are able to lengthen the valves as much as 0.5 mm and harden the tip. Our Street Performance valves are very popular and are used in all our flowed and or big valve head conversions.
A Standard Replacement Valve that has been swirl polished and aerodynamically flowed will result in good performance gains even if used in a standard cylinder head.
We have a wide range of blank forms, all made with different materials and in different sizes. Click here to printout a blank drawing template that you can use to give us all the dimensions and we can quote accordingly.
All our Custom Range Street Performance valves feature:
· Undercut stem up to .5mm reduction until polished area.
· Swirl polished head / neck area.
· Aerodynamic valve head shape.
· Refaced Valve tip-end.
· Reduced weight.
· Special multiple seat angles and sizes.
· De burred, radiused and removed sharp edges.
· Unmatched quality control.
Optional special finish:
· Polished valve face.
· 0.5 mm stem reduction on bi-metal valves with a extra 5 mm of stem undercut
· 0.7 mm stem reduction on one piece valves with a extra 7 mm of stem undercut
· Further reduced weight “maximum” dished face area.
· Polished stem.
Valve stem reduction should only be done if the valve guide allows it.
Click Here for Useful info about 214 N stainless steel...
Custom Street Performance valves for your car, 4x4, SUV, Quad or Bike including Alfa, Audi, BMW, Chev, Chrysler, Colt, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jeep, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Nissan, Opel, Toyota, VolksWagen, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and more...
Click Here to get a consultant to advise you on Sportflo Performance Valves for your Motor Car, 4x4, SUV, Quad or Bike...
· Bulk pricing available
· Discounts on mixed quantity orders
· Special pricing for distributors
· No minimum order requirements
· Quality and service is guaranteed
· Same day delivery (South Africa) if requested on small orders
Send us your details by clicking here and we will contact you, either by phone or email.
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