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Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators

Most modern electronically controlled vehicles today are un-tunable.
In simple terms the injection timing and the air to fuel ratio mixture are electronically controlled and they are not adjustable. Experience and statistics have shown that the ignition timing maps are very close to correct if not 100% in most cases, while the fueling is almost always either to lean or to rich.
Sportflo has the fueling solution or at least part of it.
By replacing the original fuel pressure regulator which usually sits in the fuel rail on top of the engine with a fully adjustable one, a tuner is able to make minor adjustments to the fuel mixture settings. Sportflo has a large range of adjustable fuel pressure regulators in stock which are either sold as a replacement or on a exchange basis.
There are many different types of adjustable regulators available today, all though have their own futures and difficulties. Most need to be fitted in the fuel line somewhere which means plenty of fuel line modifications and possible fuel leaks which generally result in engine fires.
The Sportflo regulator is a replacement of the original and features all the original vacuum and positive pressure change take offs. The only difference is a small adjustable screw and lock nut on the top of the regulator.
By screwing the adjuster in you increase the fuel rail pressure and by screwing it out the rail pressure is decreased. Again in simple terms if the injector trigger mechanism pulses for 1 m/s, the amount of fuel delivered is proportional to the rail pressure. By increasing the rail pressure more fuel is released by the injector and the air to fuel mixture changes accordingly.
Many systems today are electronically controlled by way of a “Lambda Sensor” or a “Oxygen Sensor” and run closed loop fuel maps. While this topic is complicated for most people, generally the closed loop is only for part of the fuel map which means that the balance, normally ¾ to full throttle and ¾ to full RPM can be adjusted.
Sportflo is able to modify any original fuel pressure regulator and as mentioned before carry a large range in stock. Send your enquiries now and start benefiting. A properly set up fuel pressure regulator can be the result of a huge fuel consumption saving. Vehicles that don’t run oxygen or Lamda sensors benefit the most.
The Sportflo adjustable fuel pressure regulator fits in the original position and goes in the same way it came out.
Make your vehicle tunable, install a Sportflo adjustable fuel pressure regulator today!
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