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Sportflo performance airfilters | Air filters with enhanced design

Why foam is best

Normal folded type paper or cotton automotive airfilters make use of a single layer to arrest the dirt particles which would ultimately reduce airflow as the filter loads up with dirt.
The Sportflo double layer foam filter progressively filters out the dust particles sorting them from big to small without reducing the airflow as the filter becomes dirty.
We all know that most of the filters available in the market place today would work well when they are new and free of any dirt.
The fact of the matter is that we don't run our vehicles with new filters all the time.
The unique design of the Sportflo performance airfilter with the double layer foam loaded with a polymer fluid catches all the dirt, firstly blocking out the bigger particles of dirt in the pre-filter foam section and then progressively trapping the finer particles as they enter the deeper denser foam.
The polymer fluid ensures that even the finest particles living in the air are captured and all this without reducing the airflow.
Sportflo oil treated automotive foam airfilters keep engine lubricants and intake systems cleaner for longer periods while successfully balancing the following criteria:
· Efficiency dirt stopping
· Capacity dirt loading
· Resistance airflow
Independent automotive filter testing has proven that small quantities of dirt less than 10 microns have no significant effect on engine wear.
The second layer of foam used in the Sportflo filters together with the polymer fluid arrests dust as fine as 8 microns - is this peace of mind or what?
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· Improved fuel consumption
· Smoother acceleration
· Reusable & washable
· Unlimited mileage warranty
· Works with original equipment
· Directly replaces the original filter
· More airflow when dirty
· Superior quality materials
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