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Air Intake System Venturies

Three very basic philosophies support a modern four-stroke engine used today in most popular vehicles
· Getting air into the engine
· Good combustion
· Getting the burnt and un-burnt air out of the engine
The easiest and cheapest way of increasing or being sure that a vehicle’s power out put is maximized is by ensuring that the air intake system is the best it can be.
Very often tuners and workshops spend hundreds of hours tweaking engines and tuning them and neglect the most important issue, the air intake. Rands for kilowatts, the air intake system is definitely the one that comes out tops at all times.
Sportflo has a range of air intake system venturies, all universal and in different sizes. A tuner should use his imagination, where and how to use a venturie.
A few basic rules apply:
· A engine wants clean cool air.
· It wants as much as possible of it.
· It needs to look good when the bonnet is open
· The interior noise levels need to be kept in mind
The Sportflo air intake system venturies are relatively easy to install and require little tools, especially if the air box is plastic. It is probably not a good idea to install it at home unless you are a handyman and have tools and gadgets in your garage.
Air flow science has not changed over the past three or four decades. Air needs to be assisted in any way possible to enter a air box. A hole for instance will not flow as well as the same size hole with a venturie to assist the flow.
This is proven and should not be ignored. The less energy a engine uses to get the air into the engine the more it can convert into cranck shaft energy i.e. kW and Torque.
All the Sportflo venturies are highly polished aluminum and light weight. They usually sit quiet well if secured with a house hold glue gun and finished of neatly
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