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Sportflo Stainless Steel Valves

Sportflo blank billeted valves are forged from a single section of 21-4N stainless steel. The forging process includes: de-burring - upsetting - stress relieving - straightening and shot blasting.
Useful info about 214 N stainless steel
214 N is an austenitic precipitation hardening chrome-maganese-nickel steel with higher additions of Nickel and Nitrogen for increased elevated temperature mechanical properties and better structural stability.
It has double the Nickel content compared to competitors (Ni 4%), which offers greater elevated temperature strength and hardness. 214 N is generally used for medium to heavy duty exhaust valves and heavy duty inlet valves in both diesel and petrol engines.
The maximum constant operating temperature is around 750°C while it has a spiking capability of ± 800°C. 214 N has very good resistance to oxidation and hot corrosion by lead oxide and other combustion products encountered in medium to heavy duty engines under normal operating conditions.
Physical Properties: Mechanical Properties at room temp:
Density: 7.7 g/cm^3
Modulus of Elasticity: 211 N/mm^2
Thermal Conductivity: 18 W/m.K
Magnetism: Non-Magnetism.
* Can be slightly magnetic after cold working
Yield strength: >590N/mm^2
Tensile strength: 980-1200 N/mm^2
Elongation: >8%
Reduction in area: >10%
Hardness: >30HRC
The chemical composition of the steel:
21 4N (EV8)
C: 0.48 / 0.58
Mn: 8.00 / 10.00
P: 0.05 max
S: 0.035 max
Si: 0.25 max
Cr: 20.00 / 23.00
Ni: 3.25 / 4.50
N: 0.38 / 0.55
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South Africa
Tel: +27 016 981 1033
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email: [email protected]
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